Professor Victor of the National Agriculture Marketing Council (NAMC), the Ministry of Agriculture V

On December 10th, 2019, Professor Victor of the National Agriculture Marketing Council (NAMC), the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa (DAFF) and Qin Xiaoshun, Chairman of Association for China Africa Small Holder Agriculture (ACASA) visited Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center (SUFAIC) for discussing project collaboration.

First, Professor Victor and his party watched the video and visited the exhibition hall of SUFAIC accompanied by Liu Xuewen, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Weifang National ComprehensivePilot Zone for Agriculture Opening Up and Development (Preparatory) , and Zhang Mingjun, Council Member of SUFAIC. During the visit, Professor Victor learned about the functions of SUFAIC and accomplishments of SUFAIC in achievement transformation.

Afterwards, Professor Victor and his delegation had a meeting withCouncil Member Zhang Mingjun in the conference room of SUFAIC. Mr. Zhang gave a detailed introduction to the South African delegation about the operation of SUFAIC and Shandong Rainbow Agriculture Technology Co.,Ltd., a company incubated by SUFAIC, as well as their partner CGCOC company, expressing his willingness to cooperate with South Africa on the trade and deep processing of distinctive agricultural products includingpeanuts. Prof. Victor highly appreciated the project outcomes and models adopted by SUFAIC and Rainbow Agriculture in collaborating withcountries along the belt and road, mentioning that South Africa is very willing to cooperate with Chinese enterprises or institutions in developing agricultural trade and other agricultural cooperation so as to promote mutual benefit and achieve common development.

Professor Victor and his party visited the Food Innovation Works accompanied by Meng Xianghua, Head of International Cooperation Department of SUFAIC. Professor Victor was very interested in the fruit and vegetable freeze-drying and infrared drying technology, affirming the achievements of the Food Innovation Works in the R&D of food for special medical purposes and processing of local distinctive agricultural products.

Professor Victor's visit laid a foundation for South Africa to carry out cooperation with SUFAIC and Rainbow Agriculture in the trade and deep processing of distinctive agricultural products. As the backbone of Weifang National Comprehensive Pilot Zone to expand international cooperation, SUFAIC builds a bridge of communication and cooperation between China and Africa, promote domestic enterprises like Rainbow Agriculture to carry out agricultural cooperation with counterparts in African countries, so as to facilitate Weifang agriculture going global.