Founding Conference of Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association and Signing Ceremony of “Goi

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the peanut industry and expand cooperation with the countries along “the belt and road”, on December 5th, 2019, the Founding Conference of Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association and Signing Ceremony of “Going Global” Projects were held at the Farrington Hotel, Weifang hosted by Dongju Yu, Executive Deputy Director of Management Committee of Weifang National Comprehensive Pilot Zone (Preparatory). Yunhao Wang, Vice President of China Green Food Association and Qingmin Ma, Vice Mayor of Weifang City and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Weifang National Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Open Up Development of Agriculture (preparatory), attended the conference and delivered speeches. Chuantang Wang, Director of Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association, Director of Genetic Improvement Research Office of National Peanut Industrial Technology System, Leader of Taishan Industry as well as Research Fellow of Shandong Peanut Research Institute, announced the joint initiative on behalf of the initiators of the Peanut Committee. A total of 300 participants were present at the conference including experts in the peanut industry represented by Yuanfa Liu, a Yangtze River Scholar and Dean of Food College, Jiangnan University, Nigerian and Pakistani enterprises, national peanut research institutions, domestic enterprises represented by CGCOC, COFCO and Sinopharm Group as well as directors of county-level Agriculture Bureaus under jurisdiction of Weifang.

The unveiling ceremony of Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association and the signing ceremony of “going global” agricultural projects were held during the event. At the signing ceremony, three agreements were signed: Nigerian Crown Full House Intl Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with Shandong Rainbow Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. on international trade of agricultural products; CGCOC signed a contract with Shandong Rainbow Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. on the project of jointly building Senegal Peanut Industrial Park and Abuja Agricultural Industrial Park in Nigeria; Pakistan Beacon House Group Companies and Nongtou (Shandong) Trading Co., Ltd. signed a contract on the project of building a modern agricultural industrial park. Xiaori Han, Professor of Land and Environmental Science of Shenyang Agricultural University, and Mingjing Qu, Scientist of Plant Protection Office of National Peanut Industrial Technology System and Deputy Director of Plant Protection Research Office of Shandong Peanut Research Institute, successively made keynote speeches on the theme of “Application of biochar and organic substitution in green peanut production” and “Development of green protection for peanut”. On the afternoon, during the academic exchange meeting, participants discussed around the topics of “green development of peanut industry” and “healthy food R & D and industrialization based on the whole industrial chain”.

In his speech, Yunhao Wang extended his warm congratulations on the success of the conference, pointing out that standing at the historical juncture of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the new era and new tasks put forward new requirements for agricultural development. Only by continuously deepening the structural reform on the supply side of agriculture and unswervingly taking the road of developing high quality and green agriculture, can we improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agricultural development in China and better meet the growing needs of the masses for a better life. In recent years, China has carried out exploration and innovation in promoting green production, leading green consumption and other aspects, walked out a new path of green agriculture development integrating industrial ecology and ecological industrialization, achieved remarkable ecological, economic and social benefits, contributed China’s wisdom and China’s program to the world’s sustainable agricultural development, and received widespread attention and high recognition both at home and abroad. Weifang has a solid industrial foundation. The establishment of Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association in Weifang marks a new stage of cooperation between China Green Food Association and Weifang City. In the coming years, we will rely on the Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association to hold a series of activities in Weifang Comprehensive Pilot Zone, such as peanut industry expo, peanut industry theme conference, peanut industrial chain seminars, etc., so as to attract more agricultural science and technology workstations and entrepreneurs participate in the development of modern agriculture. At the same time, both sides will joint hands in actively promoting the mature agricultural technology and industrial model of Weifang Comprehensive Pilot Zone both at home and abroad, thus contributing to the development of modern agriculture and green food industry in China.

In his speech, Qingmin Ma pointed out that at present, Weifang City is in a critical period of innovating and upgrading of “three models” and building a model for rural revitalization, which needs more powerful scientific and technological support than ever before. Since the establishment of China Green Food Association, it has created a good platform for extensive exchanges,cooperation and common development for all sectors of society, and made important contributions to the development of green food industry. Today, the establishment of Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association in Weifang provides a broad stage for both sides to achieve win-win cooperation. It is of great significance to innovate the management mode of peanut industry, speed up the pace of “bringing in” and “going global”, and comprehensively improve the market competitiveness and comprehensive production efficiency of peanut industry in China. It will effectively promote common development among enterprises, industries and social interests. Weifang will strive to create a dynamic innovation environment and fully support the development of Peanut Committee.

The Peanut Committee will carry out the following activities surrounding peanut research and related fields: conduct academic exchanges, annual conferences, theme seminars, technology forums and other forms of academic conferences to promote technological innovation and development in peanut field; provide training for members and technicians; carry out research on the peanut industry, including research on the scale of peanut market, peanut enterprises as well as supply and demand in the peanut industry; cooperate with relevant departments to formulate and revise peanut industry standards, participate in the identification of new peanut varieties, protect intellectual property rights in the field of peanut; edit, publish and issue books, newspapers and periodicals to disseminate and promote advanced peanut technology. At the same time, the Peanut Committee will attract high-level experts in the field of peanut breeding and deep processing of peanuts to join in, and strengthen the research and development of new peanut varieties to extend the industrial chain and value chain of peanut. As a national association, it will participate in the identification of new peanut varieties, and formulate industrial development plans and standards.

Upon its establishment, the Peanut Committee of China Green Food Association will set up peanut laboratories and test fields in the core area of Weifang National Comprehensive Pilot Zone, take part in the identification of new peanut varieties and the formulation of standards. It will gather more high-end experts in the national peanut industry, world Top 500 enterprises such as Mars, Hormel, COFCO and Sinopharm, large grain and oil enterprises such as Luhua and Longda, as well as food processing enterprises in various fields to carry out the research, production and processing of peanut protein and other special medical foods so as to create a whole chain for peanut industry integrating industry-university-research cooperation that covers seed R&D, plant protection, storage and logistics, agricultural machinery and agricultural materials, and promote the all-round development of peanut industry. At the same time, as a national peanut association, Peanut Committee will strengthen the communication with major peanut producing countries like Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana, promote domestic peanut enterprises going global, and provide support for the construction of overseas R & D and production bases.