Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center and UC Davis Discuss Collaboration on the Soil Health

On September 6th, 2019, Associate Professor Sanjai Parikh in the Department of Soil, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis, and his student Ms. Danielle Gelardi visited Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center (SUFAIC) for the soil health project collaboration. On that morning, accompanied by Director Wei Ji of SUFAIC, Professor Sanjai first visited the base of SUFAIC in the National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hantang District to learn about the soil and water conditions of the base as well as the local practices in fertilization, irrigation and common methods to solve soil caking problem in Weifang.

On the afternoon, Professor Sanjai and his student visited Food Innovation Works of SUFAIC, highly appreciating the fruit and vegetable crisps and nut products developed by Food Innovation Works.

Afterwards, Prof. Sanjai discussed with SUFAIC on the details related to soil health project collaboration including the objectives, testing methods and procedures, crop management, data measurements, etc. The Soil Health Project is planned to be located at the strawberry base of SUFAIC in the National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hanting District, aiming at researching on the effect of biochar on improving soil health, optimizing soil structure and increasing soil fertility as well as water retention, thereby enhancing crop yield and realizing sustainable farmland production. SUFAIC plans to replicate and promote the experimental achievements in Weifang National Comprehensive Pilot Zone for the Opening-up Development of Agriculture Industry so as to help local growers optimize soil and improve income, thus promoting the green and high-quality development of agriculture in Weifang.