Marcelo Peres, Secretary of the Governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil and His Party Visits Sino-US Food and

On the afternoon of September 6th, 2018,Marcelo Peres, Secretary of the Governor of Sao Paulo, Marcus Melo, Mayor of Mogi Das Cruzes and Rodrigo Ashiuchi, Mayor of Suzano City, Brazil visited Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center (SUFAIC) with the accompany of Dongju Yu, Director of Coordination and Promotion Office of Food Valley of China and Weidi Liu, Deputy Director of Weifang Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

The delegation watched the video and visited the Exhibition Hall of SUFAIC to learn about practices of SUFAIC in introducing advanced projects, organizing entrepreneurs training and other aspects.

In the followup meeting, Director Dongju Yu first introduced the latest development of Weifang on cooperation with foreign partners in the field of agriculture and food, including the establishment of an integrated platform for scientific research and development and an international platform for technology transformation, building "China Food Valley" cold-chain railway transportation as well as promoting Shouguang vegetable greenhouse model to the outside. Director Yu said that with the development of agricultural free trade zones, China Food Valley will have more business interactions with Brazil on its course of cooperation with foreign partners.

Director Wei Ji introduced the nature of SUFAIC and the role it plays in foreign cooperation. Moreover, he introduced to participants the three major projects industrialized via SUFAIC: Sino-US Cross-border Germplasm Research and Development, Comprehensive Utilization of Biomass as well as Deep Processing of Agricultural Products. The Brazilian guests highly praised the achievements made by SUFAIC as an international exchange and cooperation platform, and expressed that they fully felt the important role of advanced technology in transforming and upgrading agriculture and food industry through this visit. They hoped that Weifang and Sao Paulo would strengthen exchanges and enhance friendship in the future, and the University of Sao Paulo would carry out a series of cooperation with Weifang City and SUFAIC to make their respective advantages complementary to each other and achieve common development. Moreover, the Brazilian guests also invited leaders of Food Valley of China and SUFAIC to visit Brazil sometime in the future.