Professor Bisping of German University of Hamburg Visits Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Cen

On August 14th, in order to accelerate food industrialization and promote in-depth development of traditional fermented food in Food Innovation Works of SUFAIC, Prof. Bernward Bisping of University of Hamburg and Dr. Zhu Xuan, Associate Professor of College of Food and Biological Engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University visited SUFAIC at its invitation.

Prof. Bisping and his delegation visited the exhibition center and learned about development history of SUFAIC accompanied by Director Ji of SUFAIC.

On that afternoon, during the 2018 Food and Biological Technology Symposium held by SUFAIC, Prof. Bisping signed the Letter of Appointment and officially became a member of Internaitonal Counselling Committee of SUFAIC. In addition, a presentation on research of fermented food was given by Prof. Bisping to meet the technical demands of Food Innovation Works on fermenting fruit and vegetable juice with probiotics, which aroused hot discussion among the participants. The report elaborated on microbial fermentation technology, equipment used in liquid fermentation pilot line and the importance of strain selection. An in-depth discussion was conducted among participants on data sources, quantitative analysis, weight allocation and index and parameter settings related to food risk assessment. Prof.Bisping put forward that the risk classification data of food production enterprises sources from product categories, on-site audit and spot check report, etc., which can be explicitly presented through normal distribution model, heat map and Bayes formula. Responsible person of Coordination and Promotion Office of Food Valley of China and China Food Valley Group Co.,Ltd. attended this symposium.

Subsequently, Prof. Bisping and his party visited Food Innovation Works of SUFAIC. Fan Changcheng, Head of Food Innovation Works introduced main functions and basic situation of the factory. Prof. Bisping was very interested in the practice of SUFAIC in researching and developing new healthy food in Food Innovation Works, holding the view that the concept of innovating traditional fermentation technology is very meaningful. He discussed with participants on the R&D and market prospect of radish and watermelon products.

On the morning of August 15th, Prof. Bernward Bisping and his delegation visited Shandong Zhongke Jiayi Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd. in Qingzhou City. During the meeting in the conference room of Zhongke Jiayi, Prof. Bisping put forward constructive suggestions on products of Zhongke Jiayi that during researching and developing probiotics products, the taste of product is also paramount besides considering activity and variety of probiotics. Prof. Bisping mentioned that no matter how rich and beneficial the probiotics are, the sales of a product without a good taste will not be satisfying.

Visit Shandong Zhongke Jiayi Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Meeting in Shandong Zhongke Jiayi Company

Visit MicroGen Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Through field visits in these days, Prof. Bisping got an overall understanding about SUFAIC. In the future, he will collaborate with SUFAIC on researching fermented food and application of microbial technology together with Prof. Zhu Xuan. Meanwhile, he requires a list of proposed collaboration programs from SUFAIC and will engage relevant German experts for joint research after returning back to Germany.