UC Davis Knowledge Transfer Base Inaugurated in National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hant

On May 25th, 2018, inauguration ceremony of UC Davis Knowledge Transfer Base was grandly held in the conference room of Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center (SUFAIC) which demonstrates the official initiation of UC Davis Knowledge Transfer Base in National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hanting District. International experts represented by Jan Hopmans, Associate Dean and Director of International Programs Office, CA&ES, University of California, Davis, Minghua Zhang, Professor of University of California, Davis, Sanjai Parikh, Associate Professor of University of California, Davis and Chongyang Li, Postdoctoral Scholar of University of California, Davis as well as domestic experts represented by Baogui Zhang and Gang Wang, Professors of Chinese Agricultural University and Xingmei Liu, Associate Professor of Zhejiang University attended the opening ceremony. Besides, local government officials represented by Guanghui Su, Director of Hanting District Agricultural Bureau and Kaifeng Song, Vice General Manager of Weifang Bincheng Investment Development Company were present at the ceremony. Through the platform of SUFAIC, the UC Davis Knowledge Transfer Base will be dedicated to introducing and industrializing mature foreign scientific achievements in Hanting District depending on professional strengths of UC Davis.

After the UC Davis Knowledge Transfer Base is launched in Hanting District, it will focus on introducing and popularizing various fruits and vegetable varieties including tomato, strawberry, blueberry, grapes and watermelon, etc.

Regarding deep processing of agricultural products, SUFAIC will cooperate with Innovation Institute for Food and Health co-founded by UC Davis and Mars(World top 500) . The initiation of the Innovation Institute in Hanting District will contribute to sound development of the whole agricultural products processing industry.

Centered on circulating agriculture, soil remediation, fertigation and other comprehensive concepts, the Knowledge Transfer Base will introduce Marrone Bio Innovations, a NASDAQ listed bio-pesticides manufacturer and Holganix,a leading microbial fertilizer manufacturer into National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hanting District so as to realize popularization and application of circulating agriculture model.

Regarding project landing, by grasping the development opportunities provided by National Comprehensive Trial Area in Hanting District, SUFAIC will introduce industry fund of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang and ally with local investment institutions including Weifang Financial Holding Group, Food Valley Group and Bincheng Investment in integrating more domestic and international food and agriculture ventures, professional incubators, accelerators and industrial parks so so to serve the strategy characterized by developing modern high-efficient agriculture, high-end food industry and rural new-type industry in a holistic way.