Holganix-a Leading Microbial Fertilizers Manufacturer in the United States Explores Cooperation with

On the afternoon of April 10th, 2018, a project negotiation meeting was held between Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center and Holganix-a leading microbial fertilizers manufacturer in the United States. Dr. Bob Neidermyer, Director of Plant and Soil Sciences of Holganix presented the competitive advantages of the Bio 800+ products (composed of more than 800 beneficial microorganisms) including promoting the growth of plants, developing root architecture, enhancing crop resilience, improving yield, reducing use of pesticides and chemicals, killing harmful nematodes,etc.

Both Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center and participating experts as well as enterprises spoke highly of Holganix products, especially the enterprises present at the meeting showed high interest in the products of Holganix and believed that market space and prospect of Holganix products are huge because it not only brings about high benefits to growers, but also is of vital importance to promote organic planting practices, improve quality of fruits and vegetables, protect environment, reduce soil pollution in Weifang and further enhance sustainable development of Agriculture in China. At the end, a consensus on conducting field trials of Holganix products on 5 various types of vegetables and fruits has been reached between Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center and Holganix and corresponding trial plan and fields used for trials has been already under preparation. Both sides will make concerted efforts to sustainable development of agriculture in Weifang, Shandong and even China at large and contribute to the establishment of the Chinese food safety system.