Weifang Food and Modern Agriculture Enterprises Successfully Complete Training and Field Visits in t

On June 25th and June 26th, the training group arrived at Stanford University of United States to experience new thoughts from this state of the art university in the world and conduct field visit as well as discussion and exchanges in this university.

What came next was field visit of headquarter of a global leading enterprise Google Inc., Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley and Intel Museum.

Visit Google Inc.

Visit University of British Columbia, Canada

The training group got to know new technology, new model and new development trend of American enterprises and experienced in person development philosophy, enterprise culture and innovation mechanism of world leading enterprises through field visits and study. Afterwards, the training group attended CAFA International Fellowship Conference held in Las Vegas Convention Center. Liu Jinbo, Director of SUFAIC introduced SUFAIC and current achievements of SUFAIC in this conference.

On June 27th, the training group attended IFT exhibition (2017 US Food Science and Technology Exhibition) in Las Vegas to experience advanced food processing technology of the United States and seek partners.

During the tightly scheduled trip, entrepreneurs mentioned that they had learned a lot not only broadening horizon but also closely observed and experienced in person the strong strength of American food and modern agriculture industry in scientific innovation.After coming back to China, they will carefully study and draw on advanced management model and experiences of American enterprises, making fully advantage of outcomes of this training to further improve innovation and competitiveness of their own company and strive to make greater contributions to transformation and upgrading of food and agriculture industry in Weifang.