SUFAIC Visits UC Davis for Research and Aligns Collaboration

From February 11 to February 22, 2017, the Executive Director of our center Dr. Ji Wei, led a group of three and visited UC Davis for research and collaboration in the United States, they also attended the 2017 World Ag Expo and had a survey of the local food and agriculture industry.

The delegation first visited the national laboratory scientist from U.S. Department of Energy, Dr. Wang Yungang andthe founder of Gago Group for in-depth exchanges of opinions. Subsequently, the delegation visited the West Region Research Center of United States Department of Agriculture under the guidance of Professor Pan Zhongli.

Photo of West Region Research Center of United States Department of Agriculture

Professor Pan Zhongli gave a detailed introduction

On the afternoon of February 14th, the delegation went to the World Ag Expo, 2017, the 50thUnited States Agricultural Exhibition, and they were accompanied by Professor Yu Enda and Zhang Xuemei.

The dealer was introducing American agricultural equipment

Discussing with the breeders and the greenhouse experts

Then, the delegation went to the greenhouse breeding base and established by Professor Yu Enda and Zhang Xuemei, followed by detailed discussion for cooperation in breeding technology introduction, business model and other in-depth issues.

Dr. Ji introduced the situation of three breeding companies in Shouguang, and learned about the history of traditional non-GMO breeding in the United states.

On the morning of 16 February, the delegation came to the World Food Center, University of California at Davis, and the Deputy Executive Director Josette Lewis, the LiaisonDirector Zhang Minghua, and the Director of the Department of international affairs, Jan Hopmans had friendly conversation to discuss the cooperation directions and visions, thus to agree on development goals between both sides.

On the afternoon of 16 February, the delegation conducted academic exchanges with multiple UCD professors and experts.

Visiting UCDavis food processing center

Photo with Professor Li Xunde, One Health System Research Center,School of Veterinary Medicine, UCDavis.

Conversing with Kent Bradford, professor of UCDavis, andDirector of Breeding Center

On February 18th, the delegation went to the biochemistry laboratory of UCD, and had discussion with Professor Yu Aiming for possible cooperation.

Professor Yu introduced his patented technology to the delegation

On February 19th, the delegation went to Salinas Valley and discussed with Gene Pini for the cooperation in organic foods in Weifang.

During the recess, they came to the organic supermarket in U.S.

On February 21,the delegation came to UCD again, and discussed further with Catherine Yang to have further discussion. They came to the Department of Biological and Agriculture Engineering and discussed with Professor Pan on a number of food processing projects, and they visited the bio agricultural engineering workshop and laboratories.

Attending the biological and agricultural engineering seminar

Conversing with UCD on the entrepreneurs training program

Through this visit, both sides had a better understanding of each other and prepared both for a high level cooperation. Meanwhile, the delegation had more intuitive understanding of the agriculture and food industry in US., and found potential partners in the areas of food safety, deep processing, agriculture big data, organic produce and smart agriculture machinery.