Develop new models for sustainable production of agriculture and safe food

  • Management of Soil and Water

  • Food Safety System Construction

  • Seeds and Seedlings

  • New Low-toxicity Bio-pesticides

  • Bio-fertilizer and Organic Fertilizer

  • Integrated control systems that reduce pests and diseases, including plant host disease and pest resistance

  • Rapid detection technologies for plant diseases

Improved value and safety of agricultural products and food

  • New varieties of agricultural products

  • Efficient food processing technologies

  • New technologies for food storage and preservation

  • New healthy and functional foods

  • Technologies that improve food quality, monitor food safety and provide traceability of foods

New technologies and models for animal production

  • Alternative technologies and products to replace use of antibiotics in animal production

  • New models of animal production and management for reduced use of antibiotics

  • Improve germplasm for animal breeding with high-yield and high-quality

  • New feeds that increase animal productivity

Scholar and professional exchange and high-level training

  • Training of executives in agriculture and food industry

  • Training of students and professionals

  • Seminars and short courses

  • Organizing and holding scientific and technological conferences and exhibitions