General Information

Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center(SUFAIC) is jointly established by the People’s Government of Weifang City and the University of California, Davis (UCD) in June 2016. We are a high level international platform that integrates the co- construction of food safety systems, technological upgrading of food industry, R&D for healthy food, sustainable agriculture practice, advanced technology transformation, international education and training, as well as the introduction of experts worldwide.

World Food Center at the University of California, Davis is affiliated to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis.College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis (CA&ES) is a global leader recognized throughout the world for its scientific expertise. CA&ES ranks No.1 in agriculture, plant sciences, animal science, forestry, and most recently, agricultural economics in the United States. Through researcheducation, and outreach, CA&ES produces a better world, healthier lives, and an improved standard of living for everyone by addressing critical issues related to agriculture, food systems, the environment, and human and social sciences. 

SUFAIC will combine the resources from UCD which ranks No.1 in terms of agriculture and environmental science research through co-operations in the form of production models based on sustainable agriculture and safe food, establishment of food safety system, seeds and vaccines, new low toxicity and bio-pesticides, and comprehensive prevention system for diseases and pests, thus to integrate the global education, talents, high-tech, industry, policy resources in agriculture and food sector, and help building an international high level open platform that brings together food safety, agriculture, food production and research, education and training, technical transfer and talent introduction.

SUFAIC’s office building is located in No. 5 Building in the core area of China Food Valley with total construction area reaching 100,000 square meters.